Let's talk about Men's Mental Health

Mental Health has become a big topic, for good reason! The global Coronavirus Pandemic was the last in a long line of significant events and circumstances to affect people’s mental health. It is high time that our mental health is taken as seriously as our physical health. 

Unfortunately, many men still feel that showing any form of weakness cannot and will not be tolerated by their peers, or anyone for that matter. Yet there is also a growing need for men to vocalise their trauma and their needs. Because many feel there is no space for that, those voices often break through in discussions about the mental health of women and / or the LGBTQ community. Both conversations are important but one should not distract from the other. 


There is enough space for all

Women, people of colour, and members of the LGBTQ community are gaining more and more access to previously male-dominated spaced. Lots of men, consciously or subconsciously now struggle to find their place. Some feel their space in society is taken away and no one cares about them anymore. This podcast aims to create room to talk about men’s struggles, be it institutional, self-made (which can be the same, but not necessarily) or any other. Talking about any group’s struggles should not and does not illegitimise the struggles of another. 

I'm Tim, I have depression and anxiety

Starting off the conversation will be my own story. How I have struggled, how I still do and what I have learned on my journey towards better mental health. One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that my story is as unique as it isn’t – sounds contradictory, right? Many people have depression, anxiety or other forms of mental illness, and yet everyone experiences and deals with it differently. My story and what worked for me could help others, but again, there is no one way. When talking about mental health it is always important to remember: you are only inside your own brain and cannot know what its like to be in the other person’s brain! 

That is why, after the first ten episodes about my journey, I would like to talk about your stories! I would love to hear from you, either via mail, social media or the anonymous contact from here

When men tell health, we can change the world

Sounds far fetched, I know, but hear me out! Men have and still do shape our society, our world. And men have learned, from other men but also society in general, that that’s everything that defines them. Because once they show weakness, or the inability to protect, to act, to provide, we no longer value them. And if the thing that defines your value is threatened, you hold on even stronger. If we talk about what men have to deal with, how men’s struggles are valid, it is one step to give men value that is not defined by domination. And my hope, my firm belief, is that by giving men that space to open up, more and more men will join me in understanding that there is space for everyone!  

If you don't believe me...

then that is okay. But maybe give the podcast a listen anyways and see for yourself. Even if you still don’t believe me, you might still get something out of it. And if not, I’d love to hear why!