About ... me

Hi, I’m Tim and I have depression and anxiety. 

Born in Germany in ’89, I’ve moved from east to west and altogether more than fifteen times. I started this podcast because I see many men struggle. Many in silence, and many without understanding why. A lot of this can lead men to lash out, to belittle others or to fear change. 

I was lucky enough to spend two years in therapy, which was a great experience and which I truly believe would be helpful for most people. Having said that, I am aware that many people don’t have access to the professional support they deserve.

I’m not a mental health professional and the things I say are not advice but my own experiences. 

Frequently Asked Questions

I had my first therapy sessions when I was an adolescent because I didn’t cope well with moving a lot. I no longer remember the specifics, only that it was some form of talk therapy. My most recent therapy was CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) mixed with the occasional talking session. 

I was hurting for many years not knowing why. And even though mental health has become much more of a public topic, there are still many men out there who do not feel they can talk about their own issues. I wanted to create a space where these issues could be addressed.

Not at all! Every person of any gender can join the conversation on men’s mental health.

Yes I am. But if people judge me that actually says more about them than me. I also believe that the change I want can only come if I work for it. And because I want men to feel safe to talk about their mental health, I have to do it too. 

Yes, please do! I’d love to hear many different perspectives to discuss on the podcast. Be it with you or anonymously for you. Feel free to contact me via email, instagram or via the anonymous contact form here